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Oregon ARES Digital Network

Lane County ARES operates and maintains an OADN station in the LCSARO Radio Room adjacent to Lane County's Emergency Operations Center located in the Lane County Sheriff's Office.

The station is comprised of equipment obtained through Oregon Emergency Management, and is operated under the LCSARO callsign of W7EUG. The station includes VHF/UHF voice and packet, HF Pactor III, and a VHF Winlink RMS station. The RMS station operates under the callsign W7EUG-10.

Overview of the Oregon ARES Digital Network

The purpose of the Oregon ARES Digital Network (OADN) is to provide for the development and implementation of a statewide backup digital emergency communications network serving two primary purposes. First, the network should serve the needs of the County Emergency Manager in providing reliable digital communications between the County EOC and outside agencies, which includes Oregon Emergency Management (OEM). Ideally, this system should provide for the restoration of SMTP email to all users, since this is the most widely used record communications methodology today. Secondly, for those Counties with the need, it should provide reliable digital communications between specific locations within the County, such as evacuation centers, response agencies, incident locations and the County EOC.

The OADN is a “virtual’ network, not an ARES-owned or controlled physical network. It incorporates, by reference, the existing excellent packet networks around Oregon, these packet networks are primarily owned and operated by individual node and system operators, some of whom have associations with Oregon Section ARES/RACES, and some who do not.

Additional information can be found in Appendix D, of the Oregon ARES/RACES Operations Manual and Communications Plan available on the Docuemnts page.